Thursday, February 7, 2008

It rained today

And I had to do the deposit for work this afternoon after I picked the kids up from school. Then get gas. And buy milk 'n bread. And replace the phones I threw in the garbage. Then drive Drew to and from Flip City.

By 7:18 pm I was drained.

So I lay down on my bed and fell asleep. At 7: 23 pm the phone rang and woke me up from some bizarre dream I was having.

It's winter. And this season just puts me out of sorts. Can't find my groove. Don't feel inspired. Am not seeing any beauty. Feel guilty that I'm not on top of my game. Blechk. My hip/groin thing is hurtin' like a mother and I just feel old.

It's Ash Wednesday today - the start of Lent.
Forty days til Easter.
Forty days to prepare for a non-Christmas-type-of-hyped Christian holiday.
40 days to do some thinkin.
Maybe move out of Phillipians and over to Romans?
40 days to make a change?
Change in attitude?
Change in expectations?
Change in interior wall colors?
40 days to get some things figgered out?
Figure out how to be 46?
Figure out which church we're going to go to?
Figure out how to parent kids that don't want to be parented?
Figure out how to be content through these winters of my life...
40 days to ponder His sacrifice.
Sacrifice something too?
Chocolate? Again? Isn't that getting old?
Sacrifice TV? Too easy ...
Sacrifice Facebook? Hmmmm.
Sacrifice late night blogging? (Why do I always feel guilty about blogging?)
40 days to start fresh.
Start training for the sunfunrun?
40 days to finish something.
Finish purging my house of papers and crap?
Start accepting myself for who I am and how I look?
Start doing something about the way I am and how I look?
Finish whining about winter, the rain, the kids and my belly?
Finish an article and submit it for publication?
40 days to form a new habit?
40 days to break a bad habit?
40 days to get it together.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I live in a solid house. You should hear the wind howling tonight.
2. He died for me. Me.
3. Tulips. Tulips in winter.
PS. Check out Tricia's and my photo blog. Today's pics are awesome. Well, I think they are.

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Tricia said...

i LOVE the photo you put next to Addison. A heart on sheet music....because she does make my heart sing.
Incase you and Sandra need to get away, its been in the mid 80's here and sunny.
I love the book of Romans.