Friday, February 8, 2008

Too late for a real post

So this'll be a quick three things:
1. Philosophy Club. Max joined and loves it.
2. Long phone calls from Val in Germany. She is living the life I want. (Actually, so is Rose.) I long for their unemcumbered lives.
3. Emails from a guy who signs his name as 'dad' who asks me daily for a list of things he can pray about for me. Today he asked if he could pray for a mate for me. Hahahha. That's rich.

Speaking of prayer, could you pray for our school's principal?
His wife was diagnosed with brain cancer back in September, and his daughter was diagnosed with diabetes last week. Before the Children's Hospital would release her to go home, one or both her parents needed to take a 4 day "How to care for your diabetic child" course. Our principal did the 4 days, brought his daughter home on Saturday, and then his wife died early on Sunday morning.

Just. So. Sad.


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