Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Let it be said, here and now, that I love dinners out with friends.
Does it get any better than that?
I say no. No it does not.

I love conversations; long, wandering, deep, heart-felt, fun, laughter-or-tear-filled conversations.

Thanks D, F and D for a wonderful, wonderful evening. Let's not wait two years til we do that again.

I left the restaurant and zipped up to the school to pick up Drew who had been snowboarding with his friends. He was all 'boy that was awesome. Boarding with friends is so much more fun than boarding with your brothers' and so on.

I took him to McDonald's and let him talk.
Then we rented a video:

Boy oh boy.
I got me a new crush:

Charlie Cox.
Yup. Too cute for words.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. L o n g talk with Clint tonight.
2. Laughter filled talk with friends tonight.
3. Non-homework-related talk with Drew tonight.

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