Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Oh, are you Max's mom?" she asks.

I'm at our local video rental store, renting Tristan and Isolde when she said, "This looks like it's a real good movie. It was on TV the other night but I only saw half of it. I want to rent it too."
"Yeah, it's good," I said.
"You've seen it?"
"Uh huh. Years ago."
"But you're renting it?"
"Uh huh. I dreamed recently that he kissed me. Need to see him again, and I don't like his roles in Spiderman."
She looked a little freaked out by my confession, so she discontinued the conversation and set about processing my rental transaction.
"And Martian's Child? Have you seen this one already too?"She looked up as she scanned it.
"No. I just think John Cusak is cute. And I'm in the mood for cute."
"Oh. Your phone number?"
I give it to her and my name pops up on the screen.
"Your name?"
"Jane O-My-Goodness."
"Oh! Are you Max's mom? I know Max!"
She looks at me sideways and I'm sure she's thinking, "Poor Max."

I told Max about my encounter, and he was mortified. "Why would you tell her about your dream? Did she need to know about the kiss?"

Yes, she did.
Everyone else on the internet knows about it.
I'm a blogger, son. Code for blabber. Get used to it already.

Tragically, however, I never did watch them this evening. I finished a book instead.
Finished it; as in, read to the very last page. Which is unusual for me. Lately, I started "The Tipping Point", but only got a few chapters in when Clint borrowed it and lent it to one of the pastors at his church. He gave me his copy of "What is the What" by Dave Eggers to read, but Max snafooded it before I got even 20 pages done. I gave Dr. Phil's wife's book, something about a heart, a go, but got annoyed half-way through and never finished that one either.

But tonight I finished a dark, gothic tale recommended to me by my mom called, "The Thirteenth Tale". I just googled it and found this review. It was dark. And twisted. But I tell ya, Diane Setterfield writes a good story. Had me wondering right til the end...

And speaking of reviews; I've been meaning to mention this for awhile now, have you been checking Rachel's book blog? Honestly, truly, this girl knows how to review a book.

I guess that's just about it for today, which turned out to be another long one... anyone else find hospital visits to be draining? I tried to feed him Chicken Noodle Soup this evening and erhhmm, I was not so successful. Slippery noodles, tiny plastic spoon, mouth that doesn't open very wide ... and my unsteady, emotional hand. Oy vey.

The other day, a sweetie pie recommended that I read Isaiah, as it's full of promises that are comforting. So I grabbed my large-print Message Bible and opened it to the middle. I missed Isaiah by a book and ended up on the last page of Eccesiastes. These words have not left my mind since I read them a few days ago:

"Fear God.
Do what He tells you.

And that's it. Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether its good or evil."

At first glance it kinda seems like a threat.
But, now, after a few days of chewing on it, I think I see the positive side of this...

Sometimes things happen and we jump to conclusions based on misunderstandings and hurt feelings. But God knows what happened and why. And He will bring it out in the open. And, you know ... sometimes those things that happened? Were for good.

Sometimes it's just a matter of changing your point of view.

Because sometimes? It's not all about you.

Was that cryptic? Sorry. I'm running on empty these days, and in my head it made sense. I'm just too lazy to add more words to today's post.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. September's post tonight. Seeing it's a private blog, some of you are probably too shy to ask her for a password, so I'll cut and paste my favorite part here:
"But until the sin in a family is brought to the cross, whatever happens to a parent either purifies or muddies the flow of God's waters to our children. It is as though we stand in a river, our children being downstream. Whatever cleanness is ours sweetens their waters. Somehow "in" us they are blessed. Would that every parent, whether or not he can understand all this, could grasp by faith that great blessings descend upon our children the closer we approach to God! "A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children" (Prov 13:22a). "

2. I'm thankful for the wise council I get from friends. God has blessed me indeed.

3. I have 2 videos here, right beside me, that I'm looking forward to watching. I'm thankful for "anticipation".



Anonymous said...

I'm glad that touched you as much as me. I had shivers when I saw the part you posted because I agree that it was the best part of the excerpt. Lest your readers think I'm a genius...that was an excerpt from a John and Paula Sandford book called "Restoring the Christian Family". They opened the Elijah House, which is a healing center in Spokane that I highly recommend. The book is a slow read since it requires thinking, but it's full of nuggets like that.

Still praying for you and your family Jane.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read The Thirteenth Tale in '07 and could not put it down. It is so well written . . . but dark, as you said. It's one of the books I remember the story line -- doesn't always happen.
Praying for you, and family ~

Anonymous said...

You, dear woman, have a definite ministry here on the internet! Can't tell you how many times your words have been like God's breath in my ear. Regretably, I'm more faithful reading your blog than I am reading my Bible - so I do love it when you quote scripture - it makes my skewed priorities much more palpable! I've never met you, but fear one day I'm going to bang into you somewhere in Langley and run up to you like you're my long lost best friend. Beware! Thank you for sharing.

Jane said...

Thank you, anonymous readers, :) - for your comments and prayers.
Isn't the internet the most wonderful invention?

And to the last commenter, I hope that when you bang into me our vehicles won't be involved. I'm SO tired of truck repairs its not even funny.

Thanks for being generous with your praise. Gave me goosebumps.