Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank you, internet, for praying.

My dad got transferred to a real hospital bed in a real room on the third floor where it was quiet, clean, orderly and private at 9:00 this evening.

72 hours in an ER hallway was pure hell. He was not allowed to eat or drink, so do you know where they parked his gurney? Right across from the ice/water machine and microwave. Can you guess how often people came by for a glass of ice water? Oh, only about once a minute. Can you guess how often he weakly asked everyone if they could get him a glass of water?

Anyway, that part is over. He's in a room and under the care of a wonderfully sweet night nurse.
His dementia was quite pronounced this evening, and his eyes? Swimming in a pool of thick yellow milk.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll get some answers.
They've got him scheduled for alot of tests, some of them invasive ... but at least we should get some answers.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for your emails, phone calls, and facebook messages.
Thank you.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. You.
2. The doctors who are trying to figure this out. The nurses who treat my dad with gentle respect.
3. Cadbury. For inventing Cream Eggs.


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