Monday, March 3, 2008


I guess God didn't want to answer our prayers the way I wanted Him to.
He's got His reasons ... He's God. He can do what He wants.

But my dad is still in ER, still waiting to have some tests, still parked in the hallway between Whalley's finest homeless residents. Only now, instead of feeling uncomfortable, he's in pain. And instead of repeating himself over and over, he's babbling incoherently. He still can't eat anything because they're waiting for the tests to be done first (his last meal was Friday noon) but they are allowing him to drink water. But he was so weak, he spilled it all over himself. When my mom asked for some dry sheets, blankets and pj's for him, they told her they'd change him after he has his test. But it's been 4 hours of him sitting in a wet bed in a hallway ...

Please keep praying for him and this hospital situation.
That hospital is overflowing with patients and when we ask for help, we are told to complain to our MLA. I don't want to be in the middle of a political issue. I just want proper care for my dad.

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