Saturday, April 26, 2008


I regret:
entering a photo in's online contest. Every Single Day I get congratulations for being a finalist (winner!) sent to my inbox. Yay me. Now all I have to do is send $159 to get my frame-able certificate.

I wish:
that I hated chocolate. And fresh bread. And gravy.

I regret:
"forgetting" about those stitches in my back from when my doctor cut out a mole last December. I was supposed to go back and have them snipped off in January. (Who has time for that?) Now they're all itchy and scratchy.

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Rebekah said...

i got stitches put into the front inner part of my shoulder once after getting a mole removed. The doctor put an extremely adhesive bandaid over them so they wouldn't leave a scar when they healed. when i took the bandaid off it ripped off all the skin with it. Since the stitches have been removed and the skin has fully healed, I now have a fair-sized turtle-shaped scar on the front of my body for everyone to see. Never a pretty thing!
Also! The doctor was an old man and had a student with him to watch the proceedure. The student was exTREMEly awkward and when the doctor left the room for a few minutes I tried to make conversation which was a comPLETE failure.