Saturday, April 26, 2008

Same old, Same old.

Work. Make a meal for dad. Drive. Feed and visit. Drive. Make meal for kids. Stare at walls.

I tell ya, NOTHING is getting done around here.

Oh wait. That is incorrect information.

After months of debating, I finally did it. I have moved the coffee maker OFF my kitchen counter and into the pantry. The whole procedure exhausted me.

Oh. And I made another monumental decision. I moved the bread/buns/wraps from their spot on the counter beside the fridge to a drawer. That's right. I have a bread drawer now. And a whole lotta counter space.

Feeling good about the progress I've made, I made a third decision this evening. I am going to buy another TV. One for me. One for the ... living room? So if the kids are playing X Box and I want to watch a DVD - I can do so. And maybe invite a friend or two to join me.

And this is how a woman's mind works:
Decide on the coffee maker. Then move on to the bread. And finish up with a 50 inch wide-screen TV purchase.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Well written books. I've just started another one. It's making me giggle.
2. No one died in tonight's tragic accident at the Starfield Concert at Central Heights.
3. Hair cuts.

Prayer Requests:
1. That my dad would continue to improve so that he can go home on Monday.
2. That my attitude would improve between the hours of 4 and 8 pm, daily.
3. That my kids will want to go to church on Sunday.
4. That His will be done.
5. That mom will continue to heal and strengthen.

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