Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being This Thrilled Seems A Little Bit Wrong

Today was the day I've been waiting for, for, like forever.
Instead of converting my income tax return into an RRSP like a sensible person would, I bought something. Something wonderful.
And it was going to be delivered sometime between 5 and 9 tonight.
So, at 4:30, when I left Drew at home to take Max to Math 10, I told him a delivery might come while I was gone, but I doubted it would. If by chance it did - he was to tell them to leave it in the living room and call me on my cell.
I dropped Max off then zipped over to the Sear's Home Furnishings to see if they sold heavy duty felt pads to put under couches and chairs and tables and such. My wood floors are taking a beating every time we move something and today? Today I wanted to buy felt thingys. Sears didn't sell them, and suggested I go to the Mall.
I so hate the mall.
All. That. Walking.
I parked outside the Bay's furniture department, intending to zip in and out quickly.
"I have hardwood floors and want to protect them. Do you sell those stick on felt pad thingys I can put on the bottom of furniture?" I asked quickly, in a way that clearly indicated that I was in a hurry.
"Uhhhh. Nooooo. I have nooo idea where you'd get something like thaaaaatttt." The sales clerk was not to be rushed. She asked her supervisor who suggested I try Zellers. "They should have them in their hardware department."
Zellers. Clear across to the other side of the Mall.
I started my trek. Took me 10 minutes to get to Zellers. Another 5 to find the hardware, 3 to find the felt pads, 7 to get them paid for and another 10 to get back out to my truck.
I was smokin hot and sweating by the time I dropped into the driver's seat.
It was 5:19 when I started up my truck, and just then the phone rang.
"Mom? Did you really think they were going to leave it here when YOU ARE NOT HOME?" he yells at me, dripping with sarcasm.
"What! They were there? And they didn't leave it?"
"NO. YOU have to be here to sign for it, DUH."
"But it's paid for. Why do I have to sign for it? Didn't you tell them to wait while you called me? Did you tell them I'm like 10 minutes away?"
"No. They left. They said they'd call you and deliver on another day. Shheeesh."
He hangs up on me.

Now I'm really sweating. I can't believe they drove away. Surely if I call them, they'll come back? They must still be close by.
I call Drew. "Hey, did they leave a card or piece of paper with a number to call on it?"
"Uh, Drew? This is my first call. I was just wondering if they left any paperwork behind, so I could give them a quick call and get them t..."
In the background I can hear gunshots so I know he's playing XBox. He hangs up on me again.
I've pulled out of the mall and am navigating my way through BC's busiest intersection while dialing directory assistance.
It takes 4 minutes, but I get through to the Bay, Guildford at 5:27, just 3 minutes before they close.
"Hi. The delivery guys were at my house, like 6 minutes ago, and even though my teenaged son was home, they didn't leave anything behind. Could you call them and find out if they're still close by? I'm 4 minutes away from home, so I can meet them there..."
"I'm sorry, you have to call them directly. The number is on the top of your invoice. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
"I'm driving in traffic and do not have my invoice in my truck. If I give you my name, and the purchase details, could you make the call for me on another line? I'd hate for them to leave the area when I'm so close."
"The number is on the top of your invoice, if you give them a call yourself, they will reschedule another delivery date. We're booking now into the second week of June."
"But they are like, 6, well, by now 8 minutes away from my house. I just want them to turn around and come back."
"Call the number at the top of your invoice and ..."
"Thanks so much, you've been more than helpful."
I race like a madwoman, fully expecting to see the delivery truck come towards me on it's way to Surrey. I wonder if I'll pull over and way it down.
At 5:29 I pull into my driveway, run to my desk and rifle through the pile of papers sitting on the corner. I had seen the invoice this weekend when I was paying bills, so I know it was there. Somewhere. I had to go through the pile three times, listening to Drew's sarcasm, before I found it.
"Hi, I just missed a delivery by 10 minutes and was wondering if you had a way of calling the driver and asking him to come back?"
"I'm in Montreal. You'll have to be more specific..."
I went through the whole song and dance with her, trying to keep the desperation out of my voice. Why had this become so important to me? Why was I desperate? What did it matter? I don't know, but I must've sounded like I was on the verge of a breakdown, because she said, "OK, Hang on, I'll give the Lower Mainland dispatcher a call."
Two more minutes pass, and then she comes back saying, "They'll be there in 5 minutes."
Instantly I was calm.
I thanked her, profusely probably, and walked to the front of the house.
They were there.
The truck was right at the end of the driveway.
"Wow. That was fast. You must've been close by." I blondely observed.
They brought in my new couch(es) and ottoman seconds later:

And I haven't stopped smiling.
In fact, I'm sitting on that chair (actually the chair and a half chair) with my feet on that ottoman right now.
The family room? The one with the big screen TV, river rock fireplace, surround sound system and XBox? Its always a mess. It doesn't feel like my room at all. Someone is continually shooting something in that room. It is littered with chip crumbs and popcorn pieces. Pop cans, juice boxes, candy wrappers and sock balls are the assessories my kids have decided to decorate with. And I'm tired of fighting about it.
My choices were to pick up after them and stop complaining.
Or leave the room to them and let them set their own cleaning schedule.
I chose the latter.
Have I mentioned the smiling?
This is my room.
And I love it.
Of course, now I have a new issue to deal with.
What to do with the old (25 years old) odd furniture pieces that I had to move out of that room?
Does this work, do you think?

Could I make my front entrance into a library?
Realistically, would anyone ever sit on that chair and read?
And, the sunflower stuff... really? It's too '90's isn't it?
And then there's my old wicker hope chest. (I got it for my 16th birthday, so it's over 30 years old.) I've been using it as a toy box for when any lil guys come a visiting. But, let's be honest here. When was the last time that happened?
Because I plan on being a cool grandma with a closet full of retro toys, I want to save these:

... and maybe use the chest to store my great grandma's old china in?
Or keep no-longer-displayable framed photos in?
Or ...
Doesn't matter. I'm still smiling.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The new furniture. Have I communicated to you how much happiness it is bringing to me right now?
2. Answered prayer. (No, I didn't pray about the furniture. Come on.) He's answering prayers in ways I never imagined. Love it when He does that.
3. One, possibly two finished projects at work. I thrive on closure.


Tricia said...

Your new furniture is great, and I love seeing pictures of your home :)

raych said...

I love it. I'm so happy you have a 'space.' And there's something so thorougly satisfying about a good purchase, even if it's just that one sweater you know you'll wear all the time.