Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And ... It's Ovah.

The long weekend is done like dirt.
All things considered, it was OK.

Like, maybe a C+.
Which really? Is a passing grade; above average 'n all. But still. I wanted an 'over the top' unbelievably awesome weekend with my kids - full of love, and laughter, and smiles, and photos, and memories and a Disney happy ending with a snappy, dance-able theme song to wrap things up.
That didn't happen.
Real life happened. As per usual.

Real life?
Weeds THIS big:

Friday night, that wonderfully warm, first night of the weekend? I pulled out weeds that had grown 3 feet tall. (Which, when you think about it, is better than yanking on those crawly ones that spread out rather than up. Minimal bending required. This is me looking at the bright side to Jurassic weeds.) And I read outside. And I blogged. And watched Hero.


Yes, these are the activities that memories are made from.

On Saturday evening, Monica, Gail and I celebrated Carolyn's 50th by spending the evening laughing with her at Pacific Theatre's You Can't Take It With You. What a fun production. Great story. Imaginative set. Professional acting. Wonderful friends to enjoy it with.
And to top it off? I was having a good hair day, so that, of course, made everything even that much better.
I got home at 11:11 pm and by 11:30 had packed up the truck and was on my way to Safeway. I had suggested, earlier in the day, that we head up to Cultus for one night, and surprisingly, all three of them came along.
We got there around 1:00 and found a party going on ... Mandi and her friends had been there since Friday and had very much settled in. It was a bit of a stretch for me to find 'my place' there.
The following morning, I came downstairs, anticipating a few tanning and reading hours spent at my spot on the porch only to find 8 youngin's taking up every inch of tannable space on the deck. I found a spare chair and moved it down to the lawn, hoping I would be as invisible down there as I usually am on the deck. I was. No one bothered me and I am now a lovely shade of brown.
Drew connected up with Markie, and the two princes of Lindell walked through their kingdom, checking out new residences, new vehicles and new boats.

Clint was the man. He cut the lawn:

And Max? Tanned on the lawn for an hour, then did some reading ...

Drew wanted to stay for another night, but Max and Clint didn't.
So I left Drew in Mandi and Markie's care, and came back to Langley with Max. Clint had Sunday evening plans, so Max and I joined my dad and mom and Daryl and Julie at the Spaghetti Factory for DAD's 72nd BIRTHDAY!
He'd had a fall during the afternoon; his legs just collapsed under him and down he went. He lay there for a minute, then said he was fine. Mom helped him up and that was that.
He's pretty weak these days, but always smiling. He knows who we all are, and we have no doubt of his love for us.
His passioin for Baby Duck has not diminished and it's funny watching him enjoy it so thoroughly.
And today?
Holiday Monday?

It rained.
I drove out to Cultus to pick up my boy.
Then I drove home again.
Bought some groceries.
Did some laundry.
Felt the wrath of my children for decisons I made last spring, last summer and last fall.
Then spent a quiet evening at home because no one was talking to me.
Thank goodness for spontaneous facebook messages asking me if I was free for a coffee and a walk. I was. Free. Very free.
We tea-d n talked til Esquires closed, then wokntok-ed til 11.
And now it's midnight.
The weekend? She be done.
And it was real.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The warm, healing, life-giving sunshine we experienced this weekend. Thank you, God. I so needed that.
2. This neighbourhood. I love walking here.
3. Unlimited access to God's ear.


Tricia said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I thought the weed was a tomato plant! I like that picture of you, it looks movie star-ish. I really want to visit you and Sandra and am still praying for the miracle it will take for it to happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree that you look amazing in that picture ... almost as great as in real on Saturday!