Monday, May 26, 2008


OK. So.
The sunflowers have to go.
Even though it "was tastefully done" - this whole mess had to get cleaned out of there.
But it's not just the mock-library thing with the sunflowers and big-chair-to-curl-up-in that are the problem. It's those bookshelves.
They are screaming at me.
"JANE! ORGANIZE US. Make us look beautiful..."

And those shelves behind Clint?
Same thing.
They are all complaining that it's not fair.

After all, I made the shelves in the dining room look nice...

Now the rest of the house's bookshelves want to be colour coordinated too.
For inspiration I turned to the internet:
(I lOVE this, by the way. Does that make me gay?)

Rainbow books. How awesome.

And then there's this:

The ultimate in beauty (?) over function. (Nabbed this photo from here.)


Anonymous said...

Those Dr. Seuss books sell well on eBay!! Are they yours? LOL , Linda

Anonymous said...

do not sell those books on ebay.
sell them to me.

no, don't.
keep them.
your grandkids will love them one day.