Monday, May 26, 2008

Not sure who is going to find this post interesting...

Julie cut my hair this afternoon, so as soon as she left, I changed out of the clothes that had little hair bits on them and into my pajamas. Yes. I was wearing Sponge Bob at 4 pm this afternoon. I had no make up on, had rolled the bottoms up, put on my runners and cleaned up all the recycling in the garage.
A vision of loveliness, oh you bet.
It's no wonder I never remarried. Look at all the effort I put into looking alluring. Anyways, after all the cardboard was flattened and piled nicely, I moved on to doing the laundry. Max and Drew were at their dad's place, and Clint was still rocking with his friends at the Sasquatch Festival - so I puttered all evening. Moving things from here to there.
This little guy is now in charge of watching my potpourri:Hey! Want to see my new furniture again?
Come on in ...

The tulips are from my mom, "To help you celebrated your new furniture..."

I decided to move my great grandma's old china from the baker's rack in the living room to the bottom of the dining room hutch.
I took a few pictures of it, because once I put things in the bottom of that hutch, they never see the light of day again.

Quite pretty.

Fine and feminine.

Antique-y looking.

I can't imagine using it.

Love the details though:

So that's it.
It's packed away now til I move.

Know what else in the bottom of that cabinet?
Another set of china:
"April Rose" by Mikasa

I started collecting it when I was 16.
I stopped when I was 22.

That's when I got married and I couldn't figure out when to use it.
Seemed too 'girly' to put out when we had friends over.
Oh? You want to see the top of my buffet and hutch?
It's a little cluttered ... I may have to remove some of those photos.
You'll notice I don't display china on those shelves. That's because I love the pottery. It's made by Delphine and I got all of it as a wedding present from my mom's friend, Hildegard:

The colours are so rich. The details so awesome.

These pieces I use all the time.

Except the tea pot. Holy cow, what a useless piece of art. Totally un-useable. It dribbles when you pour.

OK, so getting back to the bottom of the cabinet, I have yet another set of china. This is because I am Mennonite. And we start filling our hope chests at an early age.

This set is called "Cumberland" by Noritake.
It was my rebellion against Royal Albert floral dishes with the gold scalloped edge.

I guess it still is classic.

It's all tucked away.
What a waste.
Maybe I'll have a grand-daughter someday who will love all the things her grandma has no use for.


My Thots said...

wow, how is it you can take pictures of china and stuff and make it so interesting. Me, I could take the same kind of pictures and it sould be like, "Ya, so what?" You truly have a gift my dear.
Oh and about facebook you can block stuff so you don't see it. I have and it has made my life easier not knowing.
Welcome to the darkside-menopause!!
Oh and one other thing, I love that your mom celebrates your new furniture with flowers. She's very cool-and thoughful!!

Anonymous said...

I found this post interesting - I know all about each china set. I still have my April Rose candy dish from you! ast