Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Girl's Night

I'm going to concentrate very hard while I write this post, but forgive me if I make no sense at all. There are 3 boys playing rockbank with all their hearts right here.
Right here.
Like 5 feet behind me.
And what they lack in musical talent they make up for with volume and enthusiasm.

I think the beer is making them a little over-confident. They're all over 21. But still. Feels weird.

There are young men drinking beer in my house. This has been an alcohol-free zone for like 10 years. And now? Not so much.
Oh wait. I might as well a pic of them.
Hang on, I gotta go get my camera.
And my card reader.
And move from my desk top to my laptop.
Really, this isn't what I was going to post about.

(10 minutes later)

OK. All the pieces are together. Now I have pics to share:

(Jer? If you ever read this blog - these buds of yours missed you tonight...)
Now back to point of this post.
Girl's Night tonight.
(Maybe not quite as much fun as these boys behind me, but then we didn't have beer.)
So, anyway, we went to the Clova for a double feature.
For any Menno's out there, take note of this: two movies for $6, plus bring your own container and get it filled wih popcorn for cheap. (We had that huge tupperware bowl for making, like, a quadruple batch of roll kuchen filled for only $4.)
So anyway, there we are, Shannon (a SFU student that I work with), and 2 young moms; Janice and Bettina and I, just chatting, waiting for the movie to start, when Janice says, "Oh wait, there's Marlene, I gotta say hi." Marlene, who is with a group of friends finding their seats behind us, crouches in the aisle behind Janice and they start talking. And I think to myself, "Wow she sounds alot like Hildegarde. I turn to get a look at her and all I see if fluffy blonde hair, so I'm not really sure. And then she says her last name and I know first hand just how very small our world is.
"Hi," I say, "I'm Hilda Klassen's daughter."
And she totally remembers me from a Writer's Conference that we both hung out together at.
"My mom is best friends with her sister," I say to Janice.
"Which sister?" Janice asks like she knows those Rempel girls.
"Hildegarde." I reply.
"Donna's mom?" She confirms.
And the world got even smaller.
I love that.
I love that whole world-as-a-community feeling. Like we're all connected somehow.
(Had that same feeling the other day at my dad and mom's place when I talked with Jason, my cousin's son. He's working in Greendale for a guy who makes flooring. And now, tonight, Kyle is here. And Kyle's dad worked for the same guy. And so on.)
ANYway, the first movie we saw was:

One of those independent jobbies that leaves you wondering what happened exactly. Why did that happen? And why did she do that? And did he really deserve that thing that happened or was there more that they weren't telling us?
But it was good, despite all the questions I'm left with.
There were so many parts to love.
Big Mexican family meals.
Quiet moments.
Sad events.
But the very best part because I'm shallow?

This guy:
Oh my goodness, those eyes.

When I googled his name to get some images, a few suggestive ones came up.
Oh. My.

Then, after just about everyone left the theatre, a dozen of us watched Smart People. (With Dennis Quaid as curmudgeon.) (Janice challenged me to use that word in tonight's post.) And Jessica Sarah Parker. (As an ER doc. Meh.) And Ellen Page (from Juno).
The tagline is: Sometimes the smartest people have the most to learn

The plot; Into the life of a widowed professor comes a new love and an unexpected visit from his adopted brother.
No eye candy in this movie. But we do get to see Thomas Hayden Church's bum. Bare bum. Which was a nice perk.
And that was that.
An awesome, fun evening.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. That people 25 years younger than me don't mind coming to movies with me.
2. Rockets.
3. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Oh, all right.
How about one more photo of those eyes?

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