Thursday, May 15, 2008

If this was the olden days,

the REAL olden days, like when I was a kid, I'd be in a camper, and parked in the empty lot near the Husky gas station right outside of Cache Creek with my family right now.

If it was those other olden days, like when I was a teen, our camper would be at Kentucky or Aleene or Paska Lake already.

There would be a whole lot of our friends in their campers right beside us.
We would have our dirt bikes, chain saws, Danielle Steele novels, baby oil, flannel shirts and Seafarer jeans along.

We would come home on Monday smelling like campfire smoke, grilled weiners and have very greasy hair.

If this was those olden days from my other life, I would be packing up the Durango with food and clothes and joining friends and/or family at the Cultus cabin for a few nights.

This the start of camping season. Its the maylong.

It's just wrong that my kids have no appreciation for the significance of this weekend.
No one wants to go anywhere.
There are video games to play and MSN conversations to participate in. We must, at all times, be connected to the internet or we will DIE.

When I suggested we head up to the lake for JUST ONE NIGHT, all kinds of resistance was demonstrated; not all of it peacefully.

Maybe, someday, 10 years from now, I look back on these days (which will be next decade's olden days) and long for the bright, sunny, warm days we spent inside a house in front of a screen?

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. There were some twists in tonight's season finale of The Office. Jim, Jim, Jim. How my face smiles whenever you are in a scene.

2. The handmade Mother's Day card I received with the awesome handwritten tribute inside. It was special, not only because it was the only one I got, but because it was from Raych. Thanks Raych. I love you too. (Speaking of Mother's Day... I did get three bouquets of flowers and one stuffed animal. All were electronic gifts, and were delivered to my facebook page. Thanks Val, Margaret, Maxine and Melanie. You guys rock. And from my kids? Not so much. Max said "Here" and gave me a Chapter's gift card. I fear for their future relationships... I ache for my daughters-in-law. S i g h.)

3. Despite my sadness about not going away this weekend, I am THRILLED to be able to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday on Saturday night. Yay for friends who plan fun things to do on their birthdays.


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