Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Book 70 DONE.

I should not have read this book.
It has put me in a sad place, and really? I don't need help feeling sad. I can get there very quickly all on my own.

The book is supposed to be " a sister's story of love, murder and liberation" ... but it turns out that it actually is the writer's own story of physical and verbal abuse with tiny tidbits of her sister's story only added to the mix here and there.

She tells the story well.
It's easy to read. I ripped through this book in 2 days without skipping any parts.
But, gosh. It's about abuse and fear and pain and insecurity and well, just alot of sad things.

In the end, after lifetimes of abuse, one sister is murdered and the other one escapes.
I gotta go find something funny to read.

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