Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fundy Prom

Max, Dave and Jordan, each holding a wrist corsage ... Waiting for the girls -
Looking like one of this uncles here:

The Bergs, who have a house full of their own children, are fostercaring a newborn. Meet 5 day old Brooklyn:

She was passed around all afternoon:

Let the picture taking begin...

Drew and John - anxious to play with the toy I bought for grad photos. Max wouldn't let me set it up, but I think it woulda been awesome.

A bubble making machine:

How cool would that have been?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. GREAT picture taking weather today. No blinding sun, harsh shadows, squinty eyes or over-exposed faces.
2. Yay, my brakes do not need to be replaced. They're just squeaky, that's all.
3. I have a good haircut.


Anonymous said...

WHERE did you get that bubble machine, woman?
Allison would love it. And by extension, I would, because I'm the one she makes blow a hundred bubbles so she can run after them.

Tell me.

Jane said...

Shopper's Drug Mart