Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Saturday

This little gem of a place is in Aldergrove. It reminds me of Billie's. Sort of. Billie's never served waffles on Saturday morning, or produced award winning chocolate sweets, but still. There's something about this place that's special.
Or maybe it isn't that place. Maybe it's the company I was with both times I visited.
Sue, Trish, Marj? Thanks for this morning. Thanks for your friendship. Thanks for reading this blog. Thanks for praying. You guys rock. Creation is going to be SO much fun.
We celebrated Shelley's birthday this afternoon at The Fort Wine Co.

What a civilized way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

(Shelley, Brita, Sandra and Shannon)

And in the middle is Carol, our tour guide. She was very "happy" as she'd been sampling the product before we got there. Like, I said, alot of fun.

Well, fun for us over 40. Poor 22 year old Shannon... she now knows a whole lot more about aging skin, sagging body parts, haircare products and regenerating cells.

The Fort Wine Co is a small family run operation. This little patio is a quaint spot to spend an afternoon laughing with friends who are feeling the effects of wine.

Hanging on the grape arbour was a windchime made of old silver things. Sandra and I figured this was something Tricia would appreciate.

And while we sipped (or in some cases, gulped) (or in my case, ignored) our sangrili's, we enjoyed a selection of cheeses that did not include Kraft Processed Slices or Velveeta.

I came home at 7:30 pm to an empty house.
In order to avoid cutting the lawn and going to church, Max and Drew have found other places to stay this weekend.
I felt sorry for myself for about 27 minutes, then I got wrapped up in a book, watched 2 episodes of Heroes and made myself bacon and eggs.
Navigating my way through this season of my life is going to take wisdom, courage and creativity. And the company of my friends.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Sunny days. Everything is manageable on a sunny day.
2. Stoned Wheat Thins
3. Waffles with mixed berries and whipped cream

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Anonymous said...

Did you like the crackers in your picture? They are my favourite and I actually brought a box to Germany with me. Sounds like a perfect afternoon. Have you ever tried Lemon Cello? It is NOT an instrument!