Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sitting and more sitting

Friday was the first of 11 days off in a row.
Do you know how it feels to wake up on a morning like that?
It feels friggen awesome.
It was a day destined to be filled with a healthy mixture of good things, and stuff-that-had-to-get-done things.
The good things?
1. Annual chat with Lynne at 11
2. Dinner with mom at 5
3. Movie with friends (and mom) at 6:45

The stuff that had to get done things:
1. Curves for 30 boring minutes
2. Two loads of laundry so I'd have something to wear to my good things
3. Water and fertilize all the colourful vegetation that is growing in my backyard
4. Shower, expend effort with hair and make up so I don't feel so Picaso-like (as is usual for this time of the month) so that I can enjoy myself without feeling ugly at my good things events.
5. Clean up my bathroom. Because it's high time to do that.

Seeing I was out walking with Clint on Thursday night til after 1:00, and because I average 5 hours of sleep a night during those days that I work, I allowed myself to sleep in til 10 am. Don't hate me.

I played a few rounds of Scrabulous on facebook, peaked in at the blogs I visit everyday, checked all my email accounts, then decided to have a quick bath, but opted against washing my hair til after the sweat-inducing workout at Curves. I got to Esquires at 11:04.

Lynne and I chatted about a few things, shed a number of tears, were interupted by phone calls now and then, and at 4:30 with our bums and thigh-backs burning in protest against the sitting of them on little metal chairs for over 5 hours, we decided to end the conversation.

I zipped home, and with old hair, used clothes, a baggy face and a 13 year old son, drove like a mad-woman over to Fraser Heights to drop off Drew and meet my mom. There just happened to be a Lions game going on that night, so the freeway and all the side streets were clogged like the drain in my bathroom's other sink. We got there at 5:50, said "hi dad - here's Drew. Love you" and left to drive back to Langley. Mom and I ate at, not the Keg like I had hoped, but at Wendy's. We met up with the 14, or 16 or 18 friends (we never did figure out exactly how many of us were there despite 1700 emails and phone calls to confirm everything) in the lobby of the theatre (where the new Batman movie, "Dark Night" was also having it's opening night) to see this:

What can I say?

No really. How can I sum it up?

It's a musical. It's fun. It is to me today what "Grease" was to me in 1978; a sing-alongable feel good movie. (May I just point out though, that John Travolta has a better singing voice, than say, Pierce Brosnan. ) (Really. James Bond has NO business crooning Abba love songs, regardless of how romantic the setting is.)


And the setting? Greece?

Oh. My. Good. Gravy.

I need to add "Visit Greece" to my bucket list. STUNNING. I want to redecorate my house. Blue.

I need to live in a sea of blue.

Rich, deep, bright, warm, soothing, complimentary-to-blonde-hair BLUE.

Of course, the best part of the movie is always the people who share the experience with you. Thank you, friends for laughing with me. Thank you Sandra, for leading us in that laughter.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Aging actors who demonstrate, by example, how much fun it is to get older.

2. Friends who share the journey of living.

3. Friends who pray for each other's children.


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