Friday, July 18, 2008

Just doing lotsa fun stuff.

Yesterday? After work? I drove out to Sardis and had supper with Val, who's home from Germany for a few weeks.
I love that she's back in the same country as me.
I'm glad that we have this shared history, spanning back 46 years.
I'm thankful that we can meet and get everything discussed in under an hour. We are the poster girls of efficiency.
From there, I drove over to Cultus to pick up Drew and his friends from the waterslides. We zipped over to the cabin for a few hours where I had a mini-fit.
You know how the folks who own the lot in front of us had the audacity to build a two story house on the right side of their lot? Well, mostly I've made my peace with that, and the last couple of times I've been on our deck, I've positioned my chair to face the lake, looking out to the left.
But... but ... when I pulled up yesterday, there, THERE on the left side of their lot, directly on our pathway to the lake, was a bus-sized motor home, complete with an awning, table and, in the middle of the yard - A SATELLITE DISH. I kid you not.
I didn't know where to sit or where to look.
I am such a whiner.
We were back in Langley by midnight.
And then today? After work?
I met some friends (old friends from that first church of mine that closed down) for dinner and conversation. Yeah. I love to talk.
We are 46, 47, 51 and 56 years old. Two of us are grandmas. Unbelievable. And one of the 'grandmas'? Just flew in from Europe a few hours before our dinner in a new convertible Lexus:

Oh my goodness.
I want to fly in from a European vacation and drive around in a sexy car when I'm a grandma too.
And then, after we had exhausted the topic of our children, we wandered over to the theatre and watched Will Smith be a reluctant super hero:

It was average.
And the best part of today?
My 11 days-off-in-a-row started at 4 pm. I am giddy with excitement. THIS is summer and I love it. Clint and I just got back from another hour-long midnight walk through the neighbourhood and man. I wish I lived in a climate that allowed for this more often.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Communication
2. Full moons.
3. Freshly baked banana-chocolate chip muffins.


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