Saturday, August 9, 2008

After Thoughts

Have you been there? To After Thoughts? In Abbotsford?
Oh, you should.
No, really. It's pure awesomeness.
I met Val there for coffee (except neither of us had coffee) and dessert (and neither of us had a dessert). We had ham and potato briochettes with cream cheese instead, which were fabulous. So was the conversation. Natch.

After that, seeing I was in the neighbourhood, I picked up some snacks for my boy and drove over to Northview to see what projects Clint was working on. You know, there's something so satisfying watching your child excel at that thing he loves doing.

I got home in time to spend an hour with Max at the Mall, negotiating a new cell phone and plan for him with his service provider. Things exceeded our expectations and we both left with a measure of happiness in our hearts for completely different reasons.

Drew, still fighting off death-by-cancer on the couch was not interested in doing anything with his mom on his last days on earth, so I dropped in on my dad and mom, then went over to Rick and Sandra's to watch I Am Legend with them.

I got home around 1:30 am, found that Drew had not, in fact, succumbed to his stomach ailments, and greeted Max as he wandered in at 2 am. He had been searching the grounds of our community looking for his dropped bank card for hours. He returned triumphant.

Clint pulled in at 2:30 am, safe, and whole so I went to bed.

And thus ended Friday.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Independence
2. Peace
3. Ham and Potato Briochettes


PS. A prayer request, if you don't mind? Something has come up that might prevent Max from being able to join us on our trip to Montreal. Could you pray that God would smooth out the wrinkles so that he will be on that plane with us on August 25? Many thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Been to After Thoughts -- a fav place for meeting people. Great desserts and coffee.
Montreal's fabulous - we were there earlier this summer. Wonderful hot, humid weather, great terasses down in Old Montreal to sit and have coffee, or whatever. Make sure you saunter down St. Paul street -- nice artwork, original jewellry, etc. Lots of vendors and interesting stuff going on. Will pray for Max's situation.
Enjoy ~