Friday, August 8, 2008


Just enjoying my day off, waiting for Drew to decide if we're going to celebrate his birthday today or not.

He's got til noon to decide.

Supposed to rain today and tomorrow, which is primo sucky. Guess I'll just have to spend time snooping out things on the internet. Like this! Try it... it's a guessing game for wordy-type people... guess the 100 most common words in the English language. I got 38 out of 100. Which would be a big fat fail. How many did you get right? (I know my writing group friends will all get passing marks. I'm the dumb one.)

Hey, check this out. A photo series of garden rooftops in New York city.

And these are stunning pictures of something big and electric and all computery and I don't know what it is, but sure can appreciate that there are smart people out there who know how to make these things.

And this is the saddest news story I think I've ever read. And this one, the most horrific.

Drew and I guessed about half of them correctly... how'd you do? The 50 most famous cars of all time.

And this is cool! An ad for whole wheat pizza in a wheat field. Of course you have to be flying from the Denver Airport to see it, but still...

Times up. Wonder what he decided. I have a feeling I'll be staying home doing laundry and washing floors today.

Later, gators.


Tricia said...

I too got 38 out of 100.

Anonymous said...

I got 38 words this fixed? Linda

Jane said...

Sandra got 33. Stacy got 45 and Drew got 37.

Anonymous said...

I got 39. When they showed the list, I could have kicked myself for what I missed.