Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cabin Clean Up Weekend

Oh we worked all right.

A collective 51 man-hours were unleashed on the cabin's yard and basement this weekend. It has looked unloved for a couple years now, as we have been busy caring for other parts of the Klassen family.
But this weekend? We loved on that building as if it were a mansion and the queen (or Brad and Angelina) were coming for a visit.
Mandi got to use the chainsaw first:
We emptied dad's treaures (crap) from the shelves in the basement:
Julie pressure washed the deck:
Drew smashed out the rotting back board:
I photographed dad's storage system on the basement shelves:

And the stuff on the dirt floor that didn't quite make it to the shelves:
Daryl changed bulbs and updated fixtures:

Drew was in charge of keeping the fire going:
Pull your pants up, Drew:
I'm still trying to take a "twisted" photo for my next photography class. "Drew? Twist for me..."
Uh, thanks.

Mandi drove the wheelbarrow around alot:
Drew, guarding the 120 banker's boxes filled with Billie's Country's and dad's business's paperwork. Time to move them out of storage and into a fire. Or shredder. Or something.
Clint's turn with the chainsaw. He liked having all that power in his hand.
Random shot of yard, half way through the day...

Mandi and Clint took over fire management ...

... because Drew burnt his hand on the chainsaw's muffler:
The condition of the fire deteriorated ...
... as we sent out ancient smoke signals to distant relatives advising them of the upcoming rain storm.
Max and Zac arrived to help us move rocks:

We were not in agreement, but in the end, the twisty piece of driftwood got thrown in the fire.

And after all that work?
The place looks normal. Not spectacular. Not unbelievable. Not magazine-spread-worthy.
Just normal.
Like a normal, regular family lives here and looks after it, doing the minimum amount of maintenance required to keep it from looking abandoned.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All the kids came out to help.
2. My friend, (and non-gay non-partner), Sandra, came and worked alongside us like she was a Klassen herself.
3. This cabin. All the memories, beauty, peace ...

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