Sunday, September 21, 2008

Surprisingly, with all the work we did, I still found time to read a book:

A quick read (obviously) with a Christian-Disney Happy Ending. (He left, was unfaithful, she found God. They worked things out and they all lived happily ever after.)
While reading this book I was reminded of Johnny Cash's story as it was portrayed in Walk the Line. I'm oversimplifying things here (and possibly not being fair to the Man in Black) when I say that Alan Jackson is the better man. He went back to the wife and three daughters and made it work. His on-the-road lifestyle had to change as it didn't contribute to a healthy homelife. Continually being on the tour bus and allowing his bandmates to take the place of his real family, was making a mess of his wife and his marriage. So he changed the way he toured. And for that, I love him.
And of course, her finding God again, and prioritizing the relationships in her life, made a huge difference on her dependency on Alan for her identity, her strength, her purpose. Their separation made her a better woman.
The part that is a little gaggy is where she talks about her diamonds, furs, cars and home. We get it, they are rich.

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