Monday, September 29, 2008

Help. Please Vote.

Which one of these photos best says "TWISTED"?
Vote on the poll to the right ---->
1. Twisted rope at the marina: 2. Twisty wire ropes in the crab traps:
3. Twisted rope:
4. A dead jelly fish smashed by a rock:

5. A kid who likes to play in fire:
6. A twist tie:
7. An apple on the stove:
8. Panago twisy bread:
9. Twisted branches on an Arbutus tree:

Well? Which one?
Click on each one to see it in full screen. Maybe it'll look better.


Shannon said...

I like number 1 and number 7. I think I voted for 1, but I almost prefer 7. It's a little more creative. Plus it's a fun picture.

Anonymous said...

I vote for 3 - Twisted rope. I like the simple composition and the texture you can see in the rope. Plus your exposure and focus are bang on.

I think the one of the kid who likes to play with fire is funny though. It reminds me of my brother at that age. Very twisted! ;-)