Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanks for voting.

I brought my laptop to work so that I could upload the winning photos for developing. (We only had to submit one, but I want an "A" in this course, so I was going to hand in a literal twisted one and a figurative one. Do not mock me. Just pray for me and my kids. It's not easy being or living with an overachiever.)

But London Drugs and my computer were not playing nicely and my laptop's battery ran out before any transfering of files occured. This was frustrating to me because I did not leave my homework assignment til the last minute. I've been taking twisted photos for 3 weeks; not like someone who took her's yesterday. And then had no communications problems with London Drugs's computer at 4:00 this afternoon.


And on top of that, there were a few fires that needed water dumped on at work. Nothing big if you are the sort of person that doesn't make mountains out of spilt milk. I was still at my desk til after 4 clicking away at my keyboard, typing out paragraphs in emails that contained words like "what do you mean you are closing the public parking lot this Friday and my guests are going to have to make alternate arrangements?"

I got home a few minutes before 5 and changed out of my clothes, put on another layer of makeup, shook some baby powder onto my scalp and fluffed it in, used my curling iron bend my bangs, spritzed a couple squirts of hair spray into the air above my head and ended up with very stiff, styleable forearm hair.

I zipped back downstairs (and don't let the word 'zip' confuse you. I moved at a pace faster than usual, but my knee is out of sorts so all I really do is use momentum to propel my body forward) and confirmed with Drew that his dad would be picking him up for supper and an overnighter.

The photography class usually starts at 6:30 pm in Abbotsford, but tonight we were going on a field trip to Matsqui to a park under the Mission bridge, and it was an extra 15 minute drive. So I had to leave at 5:45 pm.

I sat down at my desk to pull up the email on my computer to get the directions but alas. When the kids run out of batteries for anything, like say an XBox controller, they take the batteries out of my mouse and use those. The lack of batteries is now my problem.

I go out to my truck, get my laptop, look for the power cord, wait for it to jump through the necessary hoops before I can open my email to find out how to get to the park.

Sandra and I met at 232nd, and because my truck is on the verge of death, we took her van again. And even though she had a cold, she offered to drive, despite her warnings to me earlier in the day that she would likely not be able to drive because of the cold and all.

We were about a mile away from the park when her van's front end area made a horrible sound as we made a left hand turn. We pulled over to check it out and ...
Yes, that is one doozy of a flat tire.

We called BCAA and made ourselves comfortable, reading our camera manuals and taking random photos in the fading light.
Bud showed up eventually:

And dialoged with us about cameras and photography while he struggled to change the flat.
Eventually, after utilizing alot of tools not at our disposal, he removed a very stubborn front tire,
and replaced it with a skinny, flimsy looking spare tire that had been stored under
a van full of cheap pop.
By now it's 8:00 so we head back home.
And thus ends another one of Sandra and Jane's Excellent Adventures.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Janice - for her support with the marketing of Friday's seminar.
2. That God will be keeping an eye on Clint in Peru. I pray that He keep Him safe, healthy, and that His purposes for Clint's involvement in this trip would be accomplished.
3. Track pants.

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