Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So last night Clint got home around midnight, just as I was thinking about heading upstairs. He plopped himself down on the couch across from me in my living room.
And then he started talking.

I love how my living room is a good place for talking.

Anyways, he didn't stop til 2:30, when he said, "I gotta pack!"

"What time do I need to get up?" I asked.

"Well, we should be at the airport by 6, so we should leave at 5. Maybe get up at 4:30?"

"That'll be two whole hours of sleep," I calculated.

I went to bed and he popped his head in every 15 minutes or so... "Do you know where my passport is?" "Have you seen..." etc.

At 4 am he came all the way into my room and announced that he had to go to work to get his airline tickets. He'd be back at 5.

Have I mentioned that he got his haircut yesterday? He asked my sister to give him the ugliest cut ever. And she did.

Oh my goodness. What was that all about?

I forgot to take a picture. That in itself illustrates just how tired I was when I took him to the airport.

So 1/3 of my heart is now in Peru. And it will be there for 3 weeks. Being a mom is hard on the emotions.

And with that, I'm going to bed. Seriously? I am too old for all these non-sleeping nights.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have 5 perfect avocadoes on my counter. Perfectly ripe. Fresh guacamole tomorrow.
2. I have a box of perfect peaches on my counter. YUM.
3. Friday's seminar will be over on Friday night, and then I can breathe again.


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