Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Look Like That?

I took 400 photos of 5 staff members last week.
Darren took one of me. It won't make it onto the website: Today, which, by the way, is not a good hair day, or a good skin day, or a good body day, or a good clothes day, WAS a good light day. So I thought I'd try taking my own picture for the website.
I was wildly unsuccessful with the indoor-mirror shots. My mirrors are just too filthy and I have no idea what to do with the camera.

So I went outside and took 1478 photos in my backyard. (Anything to avoid weeding.)
I couldn't get the focal length figured out.

Does the bottom half of my face really matter?
I asked Drew to snap some for me and you'd think I'd asked him to cut the lawn with manicure scissors. He took 5. Five.
What are the Vegas odds that 1 of those 5 photos would be suitable? Probably the same odds as having the Canuck's win the Grey Cup this year.
So it may be that the Arrow website goes another 4 years with no one outside of the office knowing what Jane in Ministry Resources looks like.
I'm OK with that.


ramblin'andie said...

What about the picture on Revival Arts' photo class blog?? Hunh, hunh? Or asking someone in your class to take the picture? Sheldon is nice. He'd do it. Or I bet Sandra would...or I'll come over. I'm quite happy to take a few hundred pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Canucks...Grey Cup??? Was this meant to be funny?

Jane said...

The chances of the 'nucks winning the Stanley Cup are greater than the odds of them winning the Grey Cup. BECAUSE HOCKEY PLAYERS DON'T PLAY BASKETBALL.

And the odds that Drew will capture a good picture of me with only 5 tries are even slimmer.

Jane said...

That was supposed to be funny.

We all know that the Grey Cup is the blue ribbon for Excellene in Volleyball.

Tricia said...

I tend to like just partial shots of my face. That way you can't see the lines and sags.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny. I tried to add on to followers but the instructions came up in German so I will join in Canada. Hope to see you and some of your family on Sunday.