Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Making some changes

Have a look on the side over there ----->

If God, or whoever has the authority, said to you, "You can have an extra hour tomorrow. You can choose to have that hour at midnight, or 5 am, or 1 pm or 7 pm ... whenever you want..." How would you spend that hour?

Tell me.
And the rest of the pixnprose world.
By doing the poll on the right.

PS. There is no wrong answer.

I added another feature called "Followers" which in this case is not a biblical term. If you read this blog you do not become one of my disciples. Thought that needed clarification.

I haven't seen this on anyone else's blog so I'm not sure how it works although I think it's a little bit like delurking. By putting your name on that list, you are letting me and the whole wide Internet know that you waste about 15 seconds a day to see how I'm doing.

I can see how this could become all MySpaceFriends-ish... a popularity contest of sorts. You know, to see which blogger has the most followers. Whatever. If no one signs up, I'll understand. And remove it from the side bar with tears streaming down my face, knowing that I am unloved and confirming once n for all that the 100 hits a day this blog gets are all from my mom.

It's uncomfortably warm having a laptop rest on bare thighs.
My thighs are bare because I'm wearing shorts. Please don't imagine me naked.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. With the help and input of three smart men (auditor, financial advisor and software developer), I figured out that thing at work that was burdensome to think about.
2. I tanned for an hour after work. In my backyard. And it was lovely.
3. There were 4 people sitting at the table for supper tonight. Not all at the same time, but I did get to eat with each of my sons.


UPDATE: I'm not used to people reading/commenting 5 seconds after I post something. Because Andie and Shannon did the poll as soon as it was up, I don't have the option of adding more answer choices. So... if you think you'd do homework or exercise or hospital visitation or go shopping or do personal maintenance like toenail painting, leave a comment. I'll forward the results of this poll to the powers-that-be and ask for an extra 60 minutes on Friday for each of you.


ramblin'andie said...

I don't like your description of yourself, but other than that I like the changes.

If I had an extra hour, I'd like to think I'd spend it on a treadmill, or doing laps of our bear infested mountain, or doing crunches and jumping jacks...or basically moving my body. But in reality I'd probably spend it watching TV and stuffing my face.

...you did ask!

Shannon said...

I'm your first follower, Jane! Do I get bonus points for that? ;)

PS Thanks for giving me something to read -- I've been staring at the ceiling for almost 45 minutes now because my mind won't stop running in a million directions at once. so anyway. I'm here because I can't sleep and I need something ELSE to think about. And voila. Your consistent blogging has saved my life.