Monday, October 13, 2008

Back Lit?

I think I did my photography homework wrong.
The class is tomorrow night but after work, there's that election thing to do. And I'm pretty sure I don't have time to set up new shots, get them developed and leave Langley at 5:45 pm.
I need to take this more seriously.
I thought by now I would have memorized the f-stops and shutter speeds. But guess what? I'm still using auto settings. Because I'm lazy?
I'm very disappointed in myself.

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Trev said...

Still looks good to me! Jeesh, I sometimes have to look at the camera just to find the button.

By the way,

Jaden Lawrence Buvyer was born on Oct. 10th at 5:36am (c-section after 24 hrs. of labor). And weighed in at 9 lbs/21" long.

I've started a blog for him @