Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We were a little late leaving my house due to circumstances beyond anyone's control (who knew her mom's printer wouldn't feed the 4 x 6 photo paper at 5:45 pm? ) And then there was that accident on the OTHER side of the freeway that caused our side to stop moving. And honestly? Who knew there was a one way street in Abbotsford? I sure didn't. Until I turned onto it and found no room to move forward because cars were coming at me...)

It was just plain harrowing getting out there tonight.

We missed the first bit.
So Darcie gave us the 30 second lesson and told us to pan cars with various shutter speeds:

Can you feel the motion?
Then we did this other thing that I didn't get at all:

Something about 5 second shutter openings, extra flash, jumping and f-8 apeture.
Didn't have a clue how to set my camera up, so I faked it.

So glad they are not handing out report cards in December.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud reading about why you were late and had to explain to our employee what I was laughing at. There are a whopping three one way streets in Abbotsford ... don't knock it!

Great photos! I love the pannning shots. You may not feel like you know what you're doing but you're definitely doing it!