Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanksgiving. Again. This time with Clint.

My mom brought the turkey and gravy. I provided the clean house (hired a cleaning crew to wash floors, walls and windows whilst I worked at my real job.) and all the fixins like mashed potatoes and canned corn.

We invited this little guy and his parents to join us:

Meet Elliot Snyder. (Kevin and Sharon's 4 month old son.)

Cutie Patootie.
Just as everyone was leaving, Carolyn arrived for our walk. And two blocks later, we ran into Shannon who was out walking the Pue's dog. So she joined us as we circled the neighbourhood.
I love nights like this. Every part of it was egg-sell-ent, but especially the part where I have a fridge full of turkey leftovers.

My mom brought over this box for me:
Can you see what it says?
It says, "Jane's Writings".
Before I had a blog, I used to write my thoughts and email them to poor unsuspecting people who had given me their email addresses.
My mom printed everything I sent her and saved it in this beautifully labelled box. She gave them to me tonight to help me prepare for my meeting on Saturday.

Shheeesh. So. Many. Words.
At 11:30 I finally get around to doing the dishes from tonight's dinner when the phone rings. "Dear God, please help no one to be dead..." is my first thought. And because Clint is not at home, he's who I'm thinking of when I uttered that prayer. Very close behind him in my mind is my dad.
"Hi. It's me. Rick's on his way home from work but I'm freaked out. I've locked every door in the house and have all the lights on. I was on the internet and read up on Big Foot sightings and I'm scared so I said to myself, I'll just get into bed and call Jane. She'll talk to me until I fall asleep. Did you know there was a sighting in the Pitt Lake area as recently as 2005 ..."
So while she talked, I loaded the dishwasher.
After 15 minutes, her voice got quieter and slower til she finally said, "OK, I'm going to sleep now..."
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who walk, talk, phone, encourage, freak out and pray. Friendship is a beautiful thing.
2. Babies who smell nice.
3. Moms who cook big turkeys so that there are lots of leftovers.

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Anonymous said...

| AM SOSOSOSOSOSO glad that your MOM printed it all. I want them too. I printed a few off but, you ask, where are they? Your Easter one from years ago was hilarious. I will be praying for you on your Saturday.