Saturday, November 15, 2008


So after three glorious hours at Ikea, I spent the evening at the movies with Shannon, watching James Bond fall from things.
I tried very hard to follow the storyline but felt like I was missing an important piece.
Finally, at the end, as we're watching the credits, I say to Shannon, "Who is Vesper?"
"Oh my goodness. didn't you see the first one? I mean the last one. The most recent one? This movie is a continuation of that story..."

Uh, no. I didn't. Which really would have been helpful. I got the gist of the whole thing, but it would have been nice to know the "why" behind it.

When we left the theatre, I drove directly to Roger's Video.
"Hi, where would I find Casino Royale?"
"For rent?"
"Not available. Unless you have Blue Ray?"
"Didn't think so. Sorry. You're out of luck."

So now I'm on the internet looking for a Blue Ray machine that I can purchase with airmile points.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. When bad guys broke into Clint's truck, they only took a tool box. Course, now he has that smashed window to replace... but I'm thankful he has friends who will give him a hand with that.

2. I got to make cupcakes with Mandi

3. I live in Langley. I met Shannon in the lobby of the Colossus and she says she has seats saved for us in the theatre. "How are they being saved?"
"Really nice people are sitting right beside us. They'll make sure no one takes them."
And when we get to our seats, I say, "You're right. These are really nice people. About 20 years ago they stopped my house from burning down. I had left something on the stove, and they were my neighbours and they were bringing us some 'welcome to the cul-de-sac cookies' when they looked in the window and saw flames. They got into the house and were taking burning bits of coffee pot out to the yard when I returned to the house with a wandering two year old Clint.... Hi Derwin. Hi Heather."

And then, at Roger's in the parking lot later, Karm drove up with her kids and we chatted as if we hadn't just emailed this morning.

The whole evening just had a small town feel to it. And I'm so OK with that.


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Anonymous said...

Don't buy a Blu-Ray -- they will not be around much longer. Casino Royale is available on DVD at most stores. And we also found the new Bond movie to be jagged and unfulfilling. Lots of action, but not enough clarification to pull it together. Oh well, we'll wait for the next one!