Saturday, November 15, 2008

Both were OK

I am not a laugher-out-louder at movies.
So imagine my surprise when I LOL-ed right here in my family room.
I was so not expecting to find this funny.
And mostly it wasn't. Despite that, I did laugh. Go figure.
I'm usually more discerning. And this one?
Cam is not my fav.
Didn't care for her too much in the last few projects she's done. But she was not too annoying in this movie which is high praise coming from me.
And who knew? Who knew Ashton could be so enduring?

Well he wasn't cute when he was peeing in the sink. But he looked good in that white shirt. And the v-neck sweater. And the suit at the end. And... listen to me. You'd think I cared about clothes.

It's the eyes. He's got brown ones. Nuff said.

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