Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check This Out

Feel like supporting some student artists so they can keep learning how to do fabulous work? How about buying a calendar or two:Reflections Vancouver 2009 fine art products are created and marketed entirely by students graduating from the IDEA Program at Capilano University.Inspired by an artist of his or her choice, each student painted an iconic Vancouver scene, resulting in a synthesis of unique artistic visions.Proceeds from this fundraising project supporting their continuing artistic enrichment and their annual grad show.

My friend, Rebekah Plett is part of the IDEA progam and this is a sample of her work: (Isn't she brilliant?)
And this is some of the work produced by her class-mates:
Kelsie Lengert:

Jessie Williams:

Marissa Cheung:

Jenny Kim:

Rebekkah Plett:
Jesse Williams:

Ben Ulis:
Lexane Rousseau:
Calendars, Cards, Originals, Reproductions ... all available for sale, here. When you order online, mention Rebekah's name, would ya?

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