Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clint said I should definitely blog about this

Tonight, at midnight, while I was at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Special K cereal, Clint was in the family room fluffing pillows.
"I am going to be a great husband someday" he says. (He had just emptied the dishwasher as well.)
Drew paused to consider Clint's declaration, then continued with the conversation he and I were having. "John and I will do it" he said.
"Just the two of you? There are alot of envelopes..."
I am not sure the two of them will be able to stuff all 1200 envelopes in one evening.

I explain to Clint ... "You know how lately I've been getting that nursing home to help me with my mailings? They put the newsletters and response notes into the envelopes?"
"Well, I gave them the Canadian ones to do last Friday and went to pick them up today. Usually they do the USA ones immediately after, but the coordinator at the home said that when the residents found out it was an American mailing, they said they weren't interested. They didn't want to have anything to do with the States."

My kids thought that was funny.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Great concerts. Saw Brian Doerksen and Kathryn Scott tonight in Abbotsford. Wish I'd known more of their new stuff. But, wow. Talk about talented.

2. The best part of my day? These last 20 minutes, talking in the kitchen with Clint and Drew.

3. Daydreams.


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Anonymous said...

Let your boys know that you have (I guess that means they do too) have some nice cousins in America, that really like it here!