Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where were you when Diana died? 9-11 happened? Obama became President?

I don't know the difference between a democrat or a republican. Which one is red? Which one is blue? Who are the good guys? The bad guys?
I haven't watched a single speech. I have not had a single opinion regarding the whole process.

I have been selfishly wrapped up in the angst of my own little world.

But tonight, at about 9 pm, when Max got back home from his walk, I called him into the family room.
"Hey, you should probably watch this," I said.
"I have a feeling this'll be one of those speeches that will be talked about for a few generations. History is being made here. Might as well be a part of it..."

So he sat on his couch, and I sat on mine and we watched Obama's speech in silence.
And I went from 0 to 60 in 3 minutes... I went from not caring and having no opinion to crying and having a bubbly feeling in my stomach.

And that surprised me.

A number of my younger facebook friends were quite strong in their statuses today as to who they would vote for (if they were American) - and I noted that when someone didn't agree, the comments were passionate. So, based on my Facebook observations this afternoon, I thought I'd be a McCain supporter without even knowing the issues.

So when it turned out that Obama won, I didn't feel anything. But by the time he finished his speech? I was all jello puddly. Not necessarily because of anything in particular that he said, but I got all wrapped up in the responses of those who supported him. The tears. The joy. The excitement. It was infectious and maybe that makes me shallow? I liked the way he treated his family. I loved the way he looked into his wife's eyes. Can he lead the country? Will he make good decisions? Is he capable? Is he a good guy? Would I agree with his policies? I don't know. I will pray for him though.

And, in the end, it turns out I do have an opinion about something; I didn't like his wife's dress at all.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I now have a two more ways to enter my garage - remote access and a touchpad. Yay.
2. I'm watching How To Look Good Naked for the first time while I'm typing this. Interessssting. I'm thankful there are other women out there with stomach issues.
3. I'm thankful I live on a continent where there are elections. And the freedom of choice.



Shannon said...

I was at the Highland Pub (SFU -- surprise, surprise since I practically live at that pub these days). We cheered when Obama won... and then there was the speech. *sigh* Kyle summed it up as "just another round of partisan politics. A disappointment."

And then we grumbled together as we wallowed in our disillusionment with politics in general.

And Jack suggested that he should be prime minister. Or ruler of the world, since he only believes in democracy until he's in power. Oh, and the first line of business under his rulership? Mandatory vasectomies of all adolescent boys. Must stop all those stupid people from getting pregnant and thus stem the tide of overpopulation due to unwanted pregnancies. Once they're adults and capable of deciding that they want children, 90% of the reversals will be effective.

So the conversation was fun (totally unrelated to American politics, but on some slightly more intellectual grounds than Jack's appeal for his rulership of the world).

And the drunk commentators (completely related to American politics) in the background were funny.

Anonymous said...

The feeling here today, is (as Dallas described it) EERIE. I know that we are not to live in fear, but there is something frightful about this. I supppose we are watching God's story unfold.

raych said...

Wheeeee! Yay!!!!!! I am so pro-Obama it makes me want to dance! Also, this will make you feel all puddingy inside if nothing else does:

shelaine said...

the voice behind THE man is Jon Favreau 26 year old cute white boy that just graduated from uni to find himself working for Obama. Jon is the speechwriter for Obama. Speechwriting has never been a "cooler" job than now. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/20/fashion/20speechwriter.html

Trev said...

I was sooo happy to see the red states turning over to Democrat. Another four years of "Bush-isms" is more than I can bear.