Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm halfway through a recommened book

and I'm not sure if I want to finish it.
I've read the last chapter so I know how it ends and I'm just not convinced it's worth the effort to find out how they got from here (in the middle) to there (at the end)...

The part of me that always finishes what I start is bristling with the thought of walking away from this novel.

The practical side of me that says life is too short to waste time reading something that's not got me spellbound.

I have a feeling the practical side of me may win this one.


I've almost completely stopped answering my phone. I hate being rude, but I am So. Very. Tired. of sales calls. I am not a fan of phone conversations to begin with. But talking to a stranger about a product I'm not interested in? Seriously?

So, if you call my house, and use that ancient device called a "land line" - be prepared to hear my recorded voice asking you to leave a message.

Know what else?
I had three Christian/Non-Profit organizations come to my front door this evening, wanting me to sponsor a starving child, donate to a good cause, or answer a questionnaire about the role of the church in this community.

I may stop answering my door soon. I'm anti-social that way.


Does anyone else hate everything about themselves at this time of year or is it only me?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Barbequed chicken in November
2. A quiet evening at home with Max
3. Clean sheets on my bed


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Anonymous said...

Yes I do feel the same way as you. Thank goodness for countdowns.