Monday, November 10, 2008

Max is 18

So we celebrated tonight at the Keg: Clint has another cold. He's all achy and yesterday he came home with an allergic reaction that had his one eye all swelled up like that guy in that movie.
Julie had a sore ear all night that has drained into her sinuses so the picture I took of her is not allowed to be posted. But she looked OK. Her eyes were exactly the same colour as her sweater ...

My mom looks fabulous:

We opted to eat at the Keg instead at my place (or my parent's place) because the kids sit at the table longer when we're at a restaurant. At home, they eat and dash.

I'm now getting peer pressure from another generation to try drinking. "Auntie Jane, you really should have one of these ... you'd really like it."

The birthday boy:

His free Keg birthday dessert:

And my ol man:

He gulped back 5 virgin Caesars seconds after they were set in front of him, then he ate a pound of King Crab. Before last November? He hated seafood. Go figure.
Happy Birthday, Max. I love you and am looking forward to another year of being your mom.
"Dear God,
Thank you for Max. Thank you for creating him to be who he uniquely is. I pray that as he enters this new year, You would reveal Yourself to him in ways he has never encountered before. I pray that You would guide and direct his steps. You would protect and keep him safe. I pray for his friends, his peers, his cousins, his brothers...God, You know what they need. I don't even know what to ask for.
God I thank you for his sense of humor, his gentle spirit, his quick mind, his place in our family. I pray You would reveal to him Your purposes for his life. Bring into his life friends and mentors who would help him grow and flourish into all that You have created him to be.
God I pray that you would enable him to know that he is loved. That he is worthy to be loved. And that You are a God of mercy and grace.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Tuesday is a day off.
2. Quiet weekends.
3. That song "He is Mighty to Save"

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Anonymous said...

That song has been my favourite for about 7 months now. The first few sentences.......powerful. Great prayer. I love your kids!