Monday, November 10, 2008

This is Shane Claiborne

He spoke at Northview this weekend. At Clint's urging, Drew, Mandi (and most everyone he knows) attended the Saturday evening service to listen to Shane tell some stories. He phoned up Mother Theresa in India and asked if he could come and hang with her. She said yes.
Then he was in Baghdad when the US bombed the crap out of it.
Now he lives in Phillidelphia in a commune.
His target audience is college-aged kids. Which makes this the second for-college-aged-persons event that I've been to this fall. Never hurts to know what folks are telling our twenty year olds...
This is his book:

And it'll be the next one that I read.


Christine said...

My son Rob's read that book too and found it VERY thought provoking. HE LOVED IT.

Unknown said...

Auntie Jane!

I read this one. It's REALLY good!!!