Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blizzardly Saturday

It was cold in these parts. Freezing cold. Below freezing cold.

And it was on THIS weekend, after 4 previous weekends of miscommunication, that I connected up with the kids who wanted their photos taken as a Christmas surprise for their mom.

They were good sports, and good actors because none of them look cold. No one is hunched over or shivering or unhappy to be in negative 10 degree weather posing this way, then that way.

I had Drew along with me and he was the poster-child of being unhappy. He stayed in the truck.
After we were done (189 photos in 5 separate locations in less than 20 minutes) Drew and I went shopping.

Drew and I went shopping.

Did you get that?
Because that statement is HUGE.

Guess how long it's been since he allowed himself to be seen with me in public?
THREE years.
And do you know how I know it's been three years?
Because the gift certificates we were spending on this shopping trip were Christmas gifts from 2005.
And, whilst we were shopping, like a Christmas miracle, my grumpy boy got happy. He is so like the rest of the O men ... they love shopping, especially when it's for things for themselves. Such joy. Oh the smiles.

I took advantage of his good mood by pulling into Safeway seconds after he got new gloves and a new tshirt. Yay! Someone to do groceries with me! He knew people who worked there, so he couldn't be in the same aisle as me, but he did press the button on the conveyer belt (another smile) and did load the bagged groceries first back into the cart and then into the truck.

On the way home, we stopped at Rogers where I rented some manly DVD's hoping someone would watch them with me.

There was too much reading in this one (almost all subtitles) to hold anyone's interest:

But Drew watched this one while MSNing and fb chatting:

They were both good.
I hadn't seen either of them before, but had heard the hype so I knew what to expect.
I've got two chick flicks lined up for tonight.

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