Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Opposite of "Australia"?

Burn After Reading.

uh, yeah.
I really tried to like it. But in the end it was too dark for me.
It would probably be hilarious if, say, you were drunk.


Karyn said...

Really? I loved this movie. Except when Pitt and Clooney tried way too hard to be funny. I thought the end was brilliant.

ramblin'andie said...

Aww, really? That's one movie I've really been wanting to see. But, lately I haven't been liking anything Brad's in except the Ocean's movies :(

Jane said...

I think if I had watched it with a bunch of happy people in good moods who laughed at all the funny parts, I would have felt differently about it.

Sometimes watching dark comedies by yourself makes it more dark than comedic.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Watching romance movies by yourself just doesn't have the same effect either!
Hope you're getting through your christmas shopping woman!
:) September

Trev said...

I simply could not enjoy it either, and I tried. If I can't relate to one single character in the movie, it loses me quickly.

Tricia said...

Drink first.
I'll remember that for when I rent it.