Thursday, December 18, 2008

Epic -

- in a totally predictable way.
Tonight, instead of going Christmas shopping (I've only got 3 presents bought), Andie and I went to see: so that we could watch:

Hugh Jackman, People Magazine's current Sexiest Man of the Year, wash his chest.
Just kidding.
We were there to watch Nicole Kidman's non-wrinkled forehead act it's little heart out.
And you know what was all over the ice-capped sidewalks when we walked out of The Clova?
Fresh droplets and small puddles of blood.
Gotta love Surrey.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. No new snow today.
2. I went out with a friend! To a movie! And it wasn't our blood on the sidewalk!
3. Realistically, there's still 7 shopping days til Christmas. LOTS of time.


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Trev said...

Does it bug you how Nicole Kidman whispers all her lines in every movie? As soon as my friend pointed it out, it's all I've been able to notice :(