Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

While everyone else in the whole entire world is getting ready for the big midnight kiss, I'm sitting here in my family room listening to the dryer drying the last batch of laundry of the year (16 loads done this week. I've washed every piece of clothing that was lying on the floor - which includes Max's and Drew's entire wardrobes as well as every towel we own.) And I'm hearing the dishwasher clean another load of dishes (you would not believe how many cups, glasses, plates, bowls and spoons I found in 2 of my kids' bedrooms.)

And I'm watching this: Which is really good.
When the tension gets a little strong, I open facebook and play another word in Scrabble. Yes I have friends who play online Scrabble on New Year's Eve. Is it any surprise that they are my friends?

Three Things I'm Thankful For:
1. Folks who drop by Pix n Prose ... thanks for reading, commenting, supporting, praying.
2. My family ... my kids, my parents, my sibs and their families, my cousins and so on...
3. Friends. Oh my goodness. How did I survive all those years without close friends?
4. And mostly I'm thankful to be loved by a God who holds my hand.

Shalom, friends.

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Anonymous said...

And . . . how is the disappearing act of the colored sticky notes going? Sounds like you got a lot done. I'm envious (somewhat). Happy New Year!