Friday, January 2, 2009

And we're off.... The New Year Has Begun

I turned the phone off and spent the day praying through my house while I cleaned it. I took about 30 pounds of garbage out of 2 bedrooms while I lifted up my house and all who live in it to the Lord.
From there it was a natural progression to pray for everyone in our lives. Our families. Our friends.
On and on, all day. Cleaning and praying. Praying and cleaning. With a break now and then to play Scrabble. (I hate being the person that holds up a game...)

This was not how I had planned to spend the Christmas Break this year. In 2006, when just about everyone I knew took a real Christmas vacation, I told myself there was absolutely no reason why I had to sit at home. My kids were always going to be with their dad that week following Christmas. And, based on the previous two years at work, it looked like I wouldn't have to work during that time frame... So my plan for 2007 was to book myself on a one week/10 day cruise and have fun.

Then in 2007 we had that health thing happen, (and I was invited to Puerto Vallarta in January), so I cleaned my way through the Christmas Break.

But THIS was the year I was going to do something. Anything other than clean. I would leave on Saturday December 27 and fly back on Sunday January 4, just as my kids were returning. I had a few options and a very appealing invitation to join Sandra and her family in Phoenix.

And then I got an email in October, another one in November and a reminder in December that said this year we would hit the ground running by going back to work on Friday, January 2.
There was no point going away on Sunday if I had to be back by Thursday, so I adjusted my expectations regarding Christmas Break 2008 and knew I'd spend it cleaning.

It hasn't been a bad week. I've been out a few times. Read a number of books. Watched a half dozen DVD's. Slept in. Saw the Canuck's. Gazed at Brad Pitt for three hours. Cleaned out a couple bedrooms. Sifted through the contents of the hall closets. Dealt with all my 2008 papers. Made some plans. Washed a zillion items of clothing. And prayed. (In case you're wondering, there are only 15 post-it notes left on my wall. And I'll deal with those items on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.)

Not sure why God arranged it so that I'd be here again this year, up to my knees in snow, especially when He knows how much I don't like it. But whatever. I made it through another holiday season.

That just seems wrong; to "make it through" Christmas. But it's true for me. And probably a number of other folks from non-Norman-Rockwell-type families.

But all in all, spending a day praying for those you love, isn't a bad way to start the year off.

At 9 pm, I was through being Mary/Martha for the day.
I watched this and smiled for 2 hours:

That man has great hair. And eyes. And cheekbones.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have a job.
2. I can spend the day praying, and write about it, and not worry about being beheaded for my faith.
3. I have new pajamas.

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