Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Janzen Kids

The day after I took pics of Vanessa and Stuart, I got a facebook message from Tamara Janzen (who is cousins with Stuart) asking if I could take photos of her and her brother and sister so that they could give an enlargement to their mom for Christmas. Since November 17 Tamara and I have been trying to coordinate a date, time and place on a good weather day to get this done.
It took a whole month before we could finally make it happen.

I was worried they'd look at shivery and cold, but they did soooo well.

"Hey. It even looks like we love each other..."

We met at Fleetwood Park on Saturday and I managed to take 187 photos in 20 minutes.
The next day, Sunday, Dec 21, we got that dump of snow which made things tricky as far as Tamara and I meeting so that I could give her the DVD with the image files on it.

We ended up meeting in the London Drugs parking lot. I brought my laptop along so that she could view the photos and decide which ones she'd get developed. We sat in my truck looking at photos while the snow fell around us and people scurried by.
It was awesome.

She would call out file numbers and I'd write them down.
We narrowed it down to the perfect photo for an 11x14 enlargement and then she had a variety of 4 x 6's printed as well.

I hadn't seen these kids in years.
We met at Fraser Heights church in the early '90's, and kept in touch after that church closed down.

Brandon and Clint are the same age and started youth group together when they were in grade 7.

He's a plumber now.

Tamara is in her second year at Douglas College, studying to become a PE teacher.

And Natalie (below) is in grade 12.

Thanks, Janzen kids, for letting me take pics of you.

You are all beautiful.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My sister just showed up with a baggie of Christmas baking and a turkey-dinner plate for me. I was just getting ready to make myself perogies. THIS is so much better.

2. A quiet day spent in my pajamas next to the fire with my laptop, my Bible, and my journal beside me.

3. The snow has finally stopped falling. And I saw 10 minutes of sunshine and blue skies.


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