Thursday, December 25, 2008

Photos from Christmas Eve Afternoon

Clint had spent the night at Kyle's and came home at noon on the 24th to an unshovelled driveway. Consequently his truck got stuck at the bottom and he had to dig his way back up to the house. This is the side of my house. I hadn't been out here in a few weeks. It's apparent that one of my children has been placing items here, things that were supposed to have been put in the shed or greenhouse. I guess if they just tossed it here in the side yard, I wouldn't notice and they'd have won.
Under all that snow is a bike, a wheelbarrow, 2 lawn chairs and other summer items that were supposed to have been put away. Grrrr.
Drew cleaning the snow off the trampoline:

And that ladder?
It too, was supposed to have been put away.
Do you know why it's not in the shed?
Because Drew used it to climb onto the roof of the shed. With his snowboard.
So he could snowboard OFF THE ROOF.
He apparently fell over face first.
And forgot to put the ladder away.

Clint, shoveling the driveway:

Me, trying different settings, while taking pics of Clint's face:

I quit as he was starting to lose patience.

Max helping dig Clint out:

My boys:

Stomping down the snow in the bed of Clint's truck:

Adding their weight to the back of the truck as Clint coaxes it up the driveway.



After getting the driveway cleared, Clint, Drew and I went looking for a Nikon D 60 for Drew.
Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs were all sold out.
My fav photography shop in the mall had one left, and they matched the best online price of their competitors.
I love small shops. Personalized service. Friendly staff.
Here's my boy, learning how to use his new toy:

I hope he has as much fun with his camera as I do with mine.

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Tricia said...

That is A LOT of snow? Could our Christmas's be any more different?