Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday January 2

I woke up to snow falling.
I went to work.
It was my mom's 69th birthday.
And it was Jesse and Sharalin's Engagement Party!
Opa was trying to make his grandson's shaggy hair look presentable.

Too funny.

Jesse is a happy boy:

Sharalin telling the women-folk about her dress:

Sharalin is a radiant bride-to-be:

John and the other radiant bride-to-be, his happy daughter:

Congrats Jesse and Sharalin. Praying for you as you plan your wedding.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The kids are back. They're not home... they're teens. No way they'd be home on a Saturday night. Drew thanked me for cleaning his room, then he left with his new Nikon to go on a photo walk.

2. Clint took my truck to a party tonight. By his choice. Wise decision.

3. I have a scratchy throat, a tickle cough, itchy eyes and coincidentally a full bottle of Cold FX and brand new packages of Daytime and Nightime Cold Tylenol. Yay for being prepared.


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Tricia said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. My Moms 69th birthday was January 1 !