Monday, February 9, 2009

Grey Day

When I came down to the kitchen this morning (OK. You're right. It was the afternoon.) Clint was having breakfast with two of his friends:The friends? Adam and Stephen? Are married.
Not to each other, to their wives. And Stephen has a daughter. So, we're not talking about teenaged boys being silly. These are grown men. Talking about nothing, NOTHING, while eating bowls of cereal.
Gen Y'ers are special folks.
Don't understand them t'all.
Seeing my camera is back, and it wasn't raining, Sandra and I met for a stroll along Crescent Beach, reminiscing about summer and gelato.

It's raining now. And snow is forecast for Monday/Tuesday...

I spent the evening looking for cheap sun-filled vacation options. The kids (2 of them) are going to Florida for Spring Break with their dad. I will not sit at home that week.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Walking in the rain tonight with Clint. Good to catch up with him. (By the way, his baptism date has been changed to March 1. In case, you know, you were thinking about being there to cheer...)

2. Thankful for an awesome weekend; time spent with Drew (driving him to Cypress does give us 3 hours alone in the truck. Eventually he has to acknowledge my presence), a great visit with my Murrayville friends afterwards, a great LONG sleep-in on Saturday morning, a fabulous service at church that evening and then today. All good. LOVE, love, love weekends.

3. And tomorrow? I'm connecting up with some "old" Fraser Heights friends. Yay for friends. Yay for friends made at churches that close down.

Evening Prayer, by John Baillie (From the book, "A Diary of a Private Prayer")
To Thy care, O Father, I would now commend my body and soul. All day Thou has watched over me and Thy companionship has filled my heart with peace. Let me not go through any part of this night unaccompanied by Thee.

Give me sound and refreshing sleep;
Give me safety from all perils;
Give me in my sleep freedom from restless dreams;
Give me control of my thoughts, if I should lie awake;
Give me wisdom to remember that the night was made for sleeping, and not for the harbouring of anxious or fretful or shameful thoughts;
Give me grace, if as I lie abed I think at all, to think upon Thee.

To Thy care also, O Father, I would commend my family and friends, beseeching Thee to keep them safe in soul and body, and to be present in their hearts tonight as a Spirit of power and of joy and of restfulness.

Especially do I commend to Thy holy keeping:
All who tonight are far from home and friends;
All who tonight must lie down hungry or cold;
All who suffer pain;
All who are kept awake by anxiety or suspense;
All who are facing danger;
All who must toil or keep watch while others sleep.

Give to them all, I pray, such a sense of Thy presence with them as may turn loneliness into comfort and their trouble into peace.


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Tricia said...

Sarah (in Montana,) and I video chat and eat lunch together...for 3-5 hours at a time.