Tuesday, February 10, 2009

User Name, Password, Secret Code

Today at work, I thought I'd upload all the photos Darren had taken to the Arrow Pics online photo album I started 4 years ago.

Back then it was a spaces.msn.com thingy - but somewhere over time it's morphed into a window.spaces.live site without my explicit permission.

I couldn't remember my user name (usually an email address) or my password. I have 5 active email accounts, each with it's own unique password, and I tried them all. Nothing would budge that site open for me.

So when I got home tonight, I looked in my trusty old mauve (shudder) coiled notebook to see if I had scribbled a note to myself.

There it was. The password: 123456.
I've NEVER used that before, but after I saw it there on the page, I vaguely remember being clever/lazy when choosing it.

But it didn't work.

Nothing would open that account for me. I even prayed.
Which in retrospect seems awfully silly.

So, I added 60 of the Darren-pics to the Arrow page on Facebook. One way or 'nother those photos were going to be on the internet before I went to bed.

But now I'm thinking.
I really should streamline all these code words, shouldn't I?
I've noticed, in this little notebook of mine, I have different user names and passwords for EVRYTHING:
I booked tickets online through WestJet? I have a unique access code.
I order photo prints online through London Drugs? Another unique access code.
I have that old blog, made up only of photos of Murrayville's Youth? Unique access code.
I go to Europe and open a brand new photo site to post my favorite 1000 pictures? And the link to that blog is broken, and I can't remember the name, and I have no access information written in my book.

And I sometimes remember to record the information if I'm sitting at my desk and feel like making an effort in my little purple book. But if I'm in my bedroom on my laptop, I don't bother.

This all alarms me tonight.
I feel overwhelmed by Code Management.
I have no system.
Acccckkkkk! No system?
Any day now, the planets in my solar system will be flung into orbit because I couldn't keep track of my chunks of the internet.

I think I should buy a new notebook. One with a color that I find pleasing and will not be ashamed of.
Will I have to hide that notebook, do you think? Or can I label it "Jane's User Names and Passwords For Everything in Her Whole Entire Life" and put it right beside the computer moniter?

Which reminds me of the woman who was on the radio the other morning. Larry and Willy had called to let her know she'd won something and then they rambled on abit, wasting time til they played a commercial.
Willy said, (and this was right after Christmas) (so now you know just how very timely this story is) "I got a new ipod for Christmas, but can't get the songs off my computer and onto it."
And the winning woman, said, "Oh, that's really easy. We had to do it to. All you have to do is blah blah blah, then enter your password and it's good to go."
So Willy says, "I can't ever remember my password. What's yours?"
And she says, "Password."
Willy says, "Yeah, what's YOUR password?"
And she says again, "Password. It's always password. I can't ever remember other words or numbers so I always make the word password my password."

How brilliant is that!

Of course everyone in the lower mainland that listens to the Larry and Willy morning show now know that woman's password as well...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Only 4 more days. And then it's the weekend! Nothing planned. But, oh how I love the weekend.
2. Clint got 93% on his first University exam. Seven hours of studying did pay off. (I'm SO very thankful that it did.)
3. The snow that's supposed to fall tomorrow? Will not be much and it won't last long.


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