Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creatively Speaking

It's worked everyday for the past two months.
I turn the key, and hear a clicking sound.
I stop.
Pray. ("Please God, let it start.)
Put on my seatbelt.
Turn the key again, and it starts.

Today it didn't.
So I called my mechanic and he told me to get a hammer and bang on the starter.
Yes. Because I know where the starter is.
And have a hammer, for that matter...

So I called BCAA.
He got it started and said, "Do not turn this truck off. It will not start again. Go straight to your mechanic's and get a new starter. You are long past the hammer trick.

So I got to Dave's at 11:00 am then called my mom.
She and dad picked me up and took me to Abbotsford to have Chicken Noodle Soup at the Mennonite (Sr. Citizens') Community Centre.

I had lunch with Uncle John and Aunt Mary, then picked up my truck just in time to get Drew from school.

And then, tonight?
Tonight was Creative Endeavours Night at my house.
And this was the card that started it all:
It was a card that mom's friend, Hildegard gave her for her birthday. Too cute, no?
In typical Billie's Country fashion, we copied it:

Is that not awesome?
(And yes, that is my mom holding up her creation. Yay. First craft night for mom since Spring '07!
Not everyone was playing with glitter and glue tonight.
Trish was being creative by starting a blog. Oh how I love bloggers.
She was on a steep learning curve, as she hasn't even used 'cut, copy or paste' before. But she did incredible - and her blog is up. Drop by and say hi to her, won't you?

Terry, too, was being creative on a laptop.
Her big accomplishment this evening?
She uploaded and captioned 5 photos to facebook.

In all, there were 7 of us in my kitchen. And 5 laptops.

Maxine stopped by between gigs and got the ingredients to make a card. She'll put it together at home when she has time.

My kitchen table on craft night:

We had a youngin' over tonight as well:

Kaitlynn made a shoe card too.


(That's her mom, all blurry at the back left side. She's being creative too. Her form of crafting is to leave the outgoing message on her work voice mail.)

Kaitlynn? You did a lovely job:

In Kaitlynn's real life she is a dental hygienest. Can you tell? Look how intense she is with the piercer:
Wouldn't you totally trust her with sharp pointy objects in your mouth?

Is there anything more inspiring than a table full of paper and sparkles?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Tuesday nights.

2. BCAA guys. Mechanics. Dads and moms.

3. Cold bedrooms with fresh bedding.

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I want to come! See you in March.